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President's Reports

November 2016

Hello to all my fellow Freedom Fighters!

As this article reaches everyone it is the beginning of November and we just celebrated Halloween and I hope everyone had a good time and arrived home safe from any of the parties that you attended.

I am writing this on the 15th of October and in just the last couple weeks we have suffered the 9th & 10th motorcyclists to die on the streets of Tucson so far this calendar year. This is just way too much mayhem to stand idly by and not take notice. The reports are not all in on these but I know one was the result of someone turning left into the motorcycles right of way. PLEASE folks “RIDE LIKE YOU ARE INVISIBLE” because YOU ARE to these cages that do not respect your right of way.

By now the “Hard Ass Run”, the “Moon Mullins Run”, the HCC “Chili Cook Off” and Swap Meet up in Yavapai are all in the books for this year. I hope all of these events came off well and all participants had fun.

I have been asked several times about the State meeting and elections for this year. Well just so everyone knows all the State Officers that were elected last November were elected to a two year term. We will serve until the end of 2017. In past years we elected State officers one year for a two year term and the next year we elected BOD members to a two year term. A few years ago the process of electing BOD members was changed from a state wide election to each Chapter electing their own BOD representative. Because of this change we do not need to have a State wide election this year. If your Chapter has not elected your BOD representative yet it should be done ASAP.

Because we are a registered corporation we are required by law to hold a general membership meeting once each year. This was always done in conjunction with the election in the past. Because we do not need an election this year the State officers have decided to hold our Annual Membership Meeting on the Fist Sunday in December, which is the same date as the State Officers meeting. This will be followed by a Holiday/Christmas Party and Social event. Location is at the Fraternal Order of Eagles, 1712 W Broadway Rd., Mesa, Arizona.

This is a family friendly event so bring the kiddies. I have it from a good source that SANTA may make an appearance. Also feel free to bring any non-member you know who may be interested on joining, as there may be a membership incentive available!(maybe?). ABATE of AZ will be providing Good Eats and Deserts but feel free to bring anything you may wish to share! (That is a subtle hint to all you bakers out there). There will also be a 50/50 and raffle prizes. We will also host a “White Elephant” gift exchange for all who wish to participate. It is not mandatory but if you want to play bring wrapped gift with a $10 value LIMIT (not minimum). This is a fun gift exchange so come and have fun.

We will have a Chili Cook Off at this party. After HCC’s Chili Cook Off several folks want to take on the challenge! It would be GREAT if each Chapter had a few entries to make this fun and establish bragging rights for future events. Any member can enter, bring your pot of chili and it takes $5 to enter. All who wish to partake in the tasting and judging of this event can do so for $5 each. ALL the monies collected will go to the winner in the eyes (or mouths) of the judges! SO depending on the number of entries and tasters it can add up. More of the details are being finalized and we will send out more info as soon as we can.

The primaries are over and we are entering into the final couple weeks of the political campaign season. I really want to encourage everyone to get out and vote! Last month we published the results of the candidate survey that Woody put together and if you are like me, I am sure you were also disappointed in the number of candidates that did not respond to our survey. Mike Infanzon, who is ABATE of Arizona’s Designated Lobbyist, was also, shall I say, PISSED! He has diligently sat and called the candidates and staffs of those who did not take the time to answer 4 simple questions. Well congratulations to Mike! He has got the attention of many of the DNRs (did not respond) and NOW they are answering our 4 little questions and they are now paying more attention to ABATE and the subject of Motorcycle Rights & Safety. Thank You Mike!!

As I write this Mike was also working on putting out an updated list and we authorized him to print up a voter’s guide to pass out at various events just prior to the elections. This is a great step and one we will really try to expand upon in future elections.

If you are not a member of the MRF I would like to encourage you to join. They do for us on the national level what we try and do here in Arizona on the state level. The information on the MRF and the MRF Awareness & Education can be found here in the Masterlink or go to Also each Chapter should be a Sustaining Member of the MRF so please check with your Chapter officers to see if you’re Chapter has stepped up. If your Chapter is not a Sustaining Member please ask your Chapter leadership to see what it takes to do so.

Until next month!!

Ride Free!! Ride Safe!! Ride ENDORSED!!

Jim Butsback
State President
ABATE of Arizona