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President's Reports

October 2016

Hello to all my fellow Freedom Fighters! Well as I sit down to write this summer is officially winding down. The days are getting a little shorter, the nights are cooler and the humidity has dropped. The night time low here in Tucson is finally back to about 70 degrees. As the rest of the country prepares for winter we here in the desert areas of Arizona are gearing up for the best riding weather.

As I look over the calendar I see many, many upcoming events. Every year there is a big increase in activity as the calendar flips over to October. Our ABATE chapters alone have several things scheduled. East Valley has the”HARD ASS RUN” which is an all day mystery type run of over 300 miles. This takes place on October 8th FMI call Jim @ (602)312- 1927. On October 15th in the afternoon High Country Chapter is hosting their 11th annual CHILI COOK OFF! This runs from noon until 5PM at the Spur Bar in Start Valley, AZ. FMI call “CC” at (928)476-1955. Lastly Phoenix-Shadow Mountain Chapter is hosting their annual “MOON MULLINS RUN” which is an afterhour’s jaunt in the cool October evening also on October 15th .

Information on all these events can be found here in the Masterlink. If you work it right you can ride up to Star Valley for chili in the afternoon and still make the Moon Mullins Run in the evening.

The Arizona Confederation of Motorcycle Clubs is holding their annual fund raising event THE RIOT ON THE RIVER! This takes place the weekend of October 21st, 22nd, 23rd at the Winkleman Gila River Park. ABATE of Arizona is a charter member of the ACMC and I encourage everyone to attend. I try to attend every year and have always had a great time. It is really a good time to meet riders from all around the state and ABATE members for other chapters. I hope to see you there.

The primaries are over and we are entering into the final few weeks of the political campaign season. I really want to encourage everyone to get out and vote! Woody, Sean, Johnny D and Mike and have worked very hard at trying to get candidates from around the state to answer our short questionnaire on how they stand on issues affecting motorcyclists here in Arizona. The results will be shared with you. Unfortunately not every candidate or their staff responded. The results are just one more resource for you to use when determining who has earned your vote. Please take this duty very seriously and make informed decisions. When you do go to the polls remember to wear your riding gear and also ride your bike to let those who are working the polls know you are a motorcyclist and you are involved.

As many of may have heard the state of California has finally passed legislation to make lane sharing legal. This is the first state to do so. Most folks thought that it was always legal in California but that was not the case, it just was never actually listed as being illegal. They have now made it legal and have set when and where it is allowed and various conditions etc. This is a big step for all the other state looking into this. As this moves forward and data is collected it will make it easier to make a factual argument to bring to other legislatures around the country. Next week a few of us will travel to Oklahoma City to attend the Meeting of the Minds which is put on by our friends at the Motorcycle Riders Foundation out of Washington DC. This a conference of motorcycle rights advocates from around the country. There are seminars and meetings to exchange ideas and learn how others are dealing with issues facing the motorcycling community in their states and maybe we can learn how to do it better here in Arizona. We will report back in the next issue of The Masterlink on what we learned and how it may affect us here in AZ. If you are not a member of the MRF I would like to encourage you to join. They do for us on the national level what we try and do here in Arizona on the state level. The information on the MRF and the MRF Awareness & Education can be found here in the Masterlink or go to

Please as you go about your travels either on your bike or in your cage, be aware of what is around you. This time of year we get a big influx of winter visitors and college students who are away from home for the first time, and who may not be familiar with the area etc. The weather can also be very changeable especially in the higher elevations. Watch those around you and always be prepared for whatever you may encounter. Ride safe out there folks.

Until next month!!

Ride Free!!

Jim Butsback
State President
ABATE of Arizona