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President's Reports

September 2016

Hello to all my fellow Freedom Fighters!

As you read this we are into the month of September. Hopefully the monsoon season is winding down by now. As I sit and write this it is still the middle of August and the heat and humidity seems to be worse than most years. I know down here in Tucson we have had several bad storms and many flash floods. I look forward to it drying out and the temps to be a little friendlier for daytime riding.

We have a couple of exciting things that are coming together for ABATE of Arizona. First thing that is that on a recommendation from our State PAC officer Johnny D, the Board has approved us going forward with setting up an Arizona P.A.C. as a separate entity which will allow us to contribute financially to candidates who support motorcycle friendly legislation. As of now we can only contribute to those running for national offices. This will really help us support those who work with us. Look for special fund raising for this cause in the future.

ABATE of Arizona has also been approached by the folks at We are entering into an arrangement with them which should work out to be beneficial to both parties. They produce a line of T-shirts that have color graphics and promote the motorcycle lifestyle through a series of “Reasons to Ride” somewhat politically incorrect slogans. Shirts are available through their website and are available in both black and grey. ABATE of Arizona will receive a $5.00 donation from the sale of anyone ordering a shirt that uses the coupon code “ABATE”. will also help us promote membership. They are only offering this arrangement to SMROs. They wish to support the Motorcycle Rights Movement and only work with SMROs in this way. Please look for their ad in this issue of the Masterlink and check out their web page.

Because this is an election year our PAC Officer Johnny D and Mike our new lobbyist have been actively talking to those running for office. We have been working with the MRF PAC to secure financial support for a few folks who are motorcyclists and support our causes. We had Ray Strauss who is running for Congress in district 4 come to speak at the August Phoenix/Shadow Mountain meeting. We were able to secure for him a donation from the MRF PAC and I was privileged to be able to present him with the check at that time. Ray is a long time rider and a member of the MRF and ABATE of Arizona. If you live in District 4 please support Ray as he is running against an incumbent who is not at all supportive of anything motorcycle related.

Woody has been very active working on a candidate survey, and the results should be available in next month’s Masterlink. If they are available before the primary on August 30th we will try and send them out via the ABATE forum so you all can make informed decisions on the candidates and their views as they affect motorcyclists.

Once again I would like to remind everyone that “Motorcycle Day at the Dome” will be held on February 15th! So mark your calendars and get time off work and promote it to every motorcyclist you know! IT IS IMPORTANT that we get as large a turn out as possible! We will share much more information as it become available.

I would also encourage everyone to promote membership in ABATE of Arizona to everyone you know who rides or supports riders throughout this great state of ours. Talk to those who you do business with about becoming a business member. Do not limit yourselves to just motorcycle related businesses. Riders are everywhere and come from all walks of life. Our strength is in numbers. When we approach our legislators and local politicians, our views carry more weight if our numbers are greater. Individual membership in ABATE cost less than 50 cents a week. It is a small price to pay to protect your rights and support “Freedom of the Road”.

Several of us will be attending the “Meeting of the Minds” conference being put on by the Motorcycle Riders Foundation in Oklahoma City September 22nd through the 25th. I look forward to learning a lot that we can bring it back to Arizona and make our organization stronger and serve our members better. I encourage everyone to attend one of these conferences if you can. The amount of information and the interaction with motorcyclist from around the country is amazing.

Until next month!!

Ride Free!!

Jim Butsback
State President
ABATE of Arizona