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President's Reports

August 2016

Hello to all my fellow Freedom Fighters!

Well it is the middle of July and we are right in the middle of the Dog Days of Summer here in southern Arizona. The days start out hot and just get hotter. Even after the sun sets it seems like it never cools down. I know many of our members and friends will be traveling up to South Dakota for the annual Rally in Sturgis! I just want to wish everyone who is on the road a safe and enjoyable trip. Remember to stay hydrated even if it is cooler as you head north the wind at highway speeds will still dry you out. Take your time and enjoy the trip. Don’t push it and ride when you’re tired, it about the trip NOT the destination!

This is an election year and as such it is important that you do your research and make an educated decision when you go to the polls. I would not be so bold as to tell you how to vote but I will tell you that it is important that everyone does vote. People around the world will stand in line for hours and even days just to be able to vote. Many of these folks have been denied the right that we all take for granted. Take the time to read up on the issues facing the country and the various candidates’ views on each issue. It is also important to spend the time and effort to find out about what is going on in all the local elections. These smaller local races are the ones that will affect you the most in the future. As we see issues that are important to the motorcycling community we will share them with our members, but there are many issues that do not really pertain to motorcycling but will have a big impact on your life so be an informed voter and take the “privilege” of voting serious.

I would like to confirm that the date for “Motorcycle Day at the Dome” has been secured for 2017! Our own Vic Grady went down to the Capitol and signed up for the date on July 1st the first day you are allowed to request a date. Thanks Vic!! The various SMRO’s held their first meeting to start the ball rolling for this important event. They have set the responsibilities and jobs and have another meeting scheduled for August 18th. So mark your calendars and get time off work and promote it to every motorcyclist you know! Motorcycle Day at the Dome 2017 will be Wednesday February 15th!! IT IS IMPORTANT that we get as large a turn out as possible! We will share much more information as it become available. As we enter into August it is also time for all of our Chapters and members to start looking to the future. We are over half way through our year and it is important that we look around at the meetings at events and see who may be an ideal candidate for one of the many positions in the chapter for next year. Not only is it important to find good leadership for our organization it is also important to give those who attend out meetings a purpose. Many folks come to a few meetings when they first join and slowly quit coming because they do not feel needed or that they are appreciated. Welcome those new members with open arms and a warm smile and give them a reason to come back next month.

Until next month!!

Ride Free!!

Jim Butsback
State President
ABATE of Arizona