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President's Reports

November 2017

Wow what an amazing last month or so this has been for ABATE of Arizona. I was privileged to attend the Motorcycle Riders Foundation’s annual conference “MEETING OF THE MINDS” which was held in Williamsburg, VA with some of the most dedicated and hard working volunteers from ABATE of Arizona along with motorcycle rights activists from around the country. It was a very educational conference and being together with all these folks from around the country and hearing about all the great work being done on behalf of motorcyclist has helped to reinvigorate me and some of the other folks who attended from Arizona. There were seven members in the group representing ABATE of Arizona along with a couple representing the Modified Motorcycle Association of Arizona. Arizona made a strong showing and it was very gratifying to see that we are getting noticed on a national level for all the work we are doing on your behalf here in Arizona.

I would like to congratulate the Virginia Bikers Association and the Virginia Coalition of Motorcyclists for hosting this great event and to all of their members for volunteering and making this a most memorable conference.

As many of you may already know, ABATE of Arizona has agreed to join with ABATE of Colorado, ABATE of Utah and the Nevada Soldiers for Jesus MC to host the 34th Annual “MEETING OF THE MINDS”. This event will be held in Denver, CO. next September 20th thru 23, 2018, at the Renaissance Denver Hotel. We have agreed to work with these other organizations in order to bring this very important conference to the western part of the country so that more motorcyclists in the western states could participate. With Denver close enough to ride to and if participants share accommodations, the cost to attend this event will be much more reasonable. I ask all members of ABATE of Arizona to mark your calendars and plan on attending the MOTM next year. As one of the host organizations we will also need volunteers to work this event and to help with planning and organization. Look for more information after the first of the year.

You will also notice that our Chapters have been very busy as of late. They have been working hard hosting events and runs and promoting ABATE around the state. The East Valley Chapter held their Annual HARD ASS RUN which was a tremendous success. They covered hundreds of miles of our beautiful state and everyone had a great time. I am sure that our editor will include many photos in the Masterlink.

Phoenix/Shadow Mountain Chapter had their MOON MULLINS RUN which was a fun event held at night and great ride by the dark of the moon. I hope many of you got to attend these rides. Again I am sure many photos will be shared. Our Northern Chapters also have events coming up as I write this. Yavapai Chapter of ABATE of Arizona is hosting the MOTORHEAD SWAP MEET to be held on October 14th in Prescott Valley. This will have been held by the time the Masterlink comes out but I hope it was as success. Yavapai Chapter has been working hard since they reestablished their Chapter.

High Country Chapter up in the Payson/Star Valley area had their 12th Annual CHILI COOK-OFF scheduled for October 21st! This event has been successful for that Chapter and I know everyone looks forward to it. Again I hope that they had a great turn out and everyone had a good time. I am sure we will see photos of the winners and those who attended.

Southern Arizona Chapter will be doing their Road-Clean up after their October meeting. They have been doing this for years and it shows the community that we support them through community service. SAC is also having a raffle to raise funds for their various motorcycle awareness projects and charities.

And our YUMA chapter is hosting a run on Saturday October 28th. This is Virginia’s Memorial Charity Run to raise funds to benefit Hospice of Yuma. It is the honor of ABATE of Arizona, Yuma Chapter member Virginia who was an Officer and valuable member of our organization who recently passed away. If you could attend and support this event, thank you. Please keep Virginia and her family in your thoughts and prayers.

Wow like I said, it has been an amazing month or so, and that isn’t even all of it. This past month we had our annual membership meeting on October 8th at the Arizona American Italian Club where our state office is located. This was held in conjunction with the state Board of Directors meeting. In keeping with the Board’s process of rotating meeting locations to let the membership participate, it was held after the Phoenix/Shadow Mountain meeting. Because of this, the Board of Directors voted to hold the membership meeting on the same day. Because of this the elections for State Officers, which is held at the annual membership meeting, was moved up from November when it has been traditionally held, to October.

The results of the election have been published on the web-site and on our state face book page. I am sure that they are also in this edition of the Masterlink. I wish to thank the membership of ABATE of Arizona for showing their confidence in me by re-electing me. I look to forward to continuing to serve you. I am excited by all that I see happening with ABATE of Arizona and the motorcycling community here in Arizona.

Until next month!! RIDE FREE!!

Jim Butsback
State President
ABATE of Arizona

October 2017

Greetings to all my Brothers & Sisters of ABATE of Arizona.

Well I am sitting here writing this article on the day that is due, knowing that Eric, our editor, has sent several emails reminding all who contribute to get their stuff in on time. I can hear his voice in my mind good naturedly busting my chops for not getting it done before this.

This brings me to one of the subjects I would like to touch on this month. Looking over past issues of the Masterlink along with many other items put out by ABATE of Arizona, I am reminded of how very lucky we as an organization are to have many talented people who are willing to dedicate their time and talents to our organization. Every month Eric puts in hours to make The Masterlink the excellent paper that it is. As you look through the pages there are many others who contribute articles and photos.

There are also members and officers from every Chapter who contribute their time and efforts to plan different events such as swap meets and parties like the pool party East Valley had and I was lucky to attend. Biker Bowling is another one, as well as the events and runs each chapter hosts every year. Some of these are for fund raising and some just for fun and camaraderie but both are important. These things do not happen by themselves. It takes time and team work and also planning. Many of our members do not have the availability to run big events but even the little things that they do are of great importance. I just want to make sure that I take the time to thank ALL of our members and officers for everything that they do. I feel we have one of the greatest groups of folks as members throughout the state of ARIZONA!

Now those of you who are on facebook may have seen the post regarding our efforts to increase membership. We have initiated a drive to increase our membership to a target of 2000. By doing this ABATE of Arizona can become a powerful organization and make ALL of your voices heard loudly across the great state of Arizona! We are asking all members to make conscious effort to promote membership in ABATE of Arizona! There are several levels of membership such as individual membership, Business membership and club membership. Each level has its own benefits. There are applications printed in the Masterlink and you can get applications from your membership officers.

We are also looking to expand into other areas of the state such as Cochise County and Casa Grande. If you know folks who may live in these areas and would be interested in helping us start and new Chapter please put them in touch with me or the State Membership officer. With your help ABATE can continue growing! Until next month PLEASE ride safe and look out for the kids who are back in school. The universities are back in session with many out of state students. Also be attentive because this time of year our winter visitors start coming back and tourism is up. These folks are not always familiar with our streets and roads and may not be very attentive so be careful out there!!!

Until next month!! RIDE FREE!!

Jim Butsback
State President
ABATE of Arizona