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January 2017

Welcome to 2017. We are about to find out what this new year holds for us. One thing for sure is something called Zero Tolerance Zones. Apparently there will be sections of Arizona freeways that will have extreme speed law enforcement. One mile an hour over the speed limit is all it takes to get a ticket. You probably know they will not focus on the little old lady types. I would imagine that we are the object of their fascination. I also believe it is a fundraising scheme by the various law enforcement agencies that will participate. Be careful, save your money, watch your speed.

January 9th is opening day at the legislature. All the freshly elected legislators will be sworn in and listen to the Governor give his state of the state speech. I am sure all of you will be at full attention during this time. It would be great to have as many bikers there as possible. We really don’t have much on the table this year. We should be there to show that we are paying attention. There will probably be a helmet law proposed. I don’t think they will do much with it.

I did meet with several Senators and was disappointed that there is a great deal of law enforcement influence there now. Our Governor is very pro-LE. We will probably have an Attorney General at the Federal Level that will not be biker friendly. I fully expect to see the Feds cracking down on the biker lifestyle, especially the motorcycle clubs. Rudy Giuliani was involved with the transition team for the new president. There is a picture of him wearing a confiscated Hells Angels cut when he was the Manhattan District Attorney and he directed an all-out assault on the New York charter. There are 98 federal benches that are vacant due to the Senate refusing to hold hearings on nominees. Those will be filled with judges that are of the mind set favoring law and order. When I hear Law-And-Order, my head goes on a swivel. It is usually me or someone like me who is deemed out of order. I know that I am considered an outlaw.

February 15th is Motorcycle Day At The Dome. It is a day to come to the Capitol and meet with your legislators. We will have made it easy to find your legislators by then. It would be easier if you remember then names that were on your ballot in November. We will do all we can to help you contact them ahead of the event and invite them to come down. If any of you have a personal relationship with your Senator or Representatives, try to get them to come out and meet with all your friends. Tell them we have food for them.

I hope this coming year is a good one. I really feel that what is coming will hurt a great many people as well as help a great many. My wish is that we all prosper and keep our health. I will endeavor to fight for our rights and work for the betterment of the biker community. Until the 9th, keep the shiny side up.

Stay safe out there, there will be a lot of sunshine to ride in.

Johnny D ALMA MC
Arizona Confederation of Motorcycle Clubs Designated Lobbyist
Arizona ABATE PAC Officer