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Legislative Update - May 2015

The governor signed our bill into law on 3/30/2015. I was told by a legislator it will go into effect 90 days from then. That brings us to July. Expect to hear about a party to celebrate.

This was a concerted effort with many MRO volunteers involved. Deb Butitta coordinated with Karen Fann and created the bill as it is. Kat Grover and I worked on the research and history of the law as well as how it affected people traveling through our state. Billy Larson and Sky pilot along with Vic Grady picked it up when I went into the hospital. Bobbi Hartmann set up stakeholder meetings to satisfy requirements.

We all communicated with our organizations to contact legislators and the governor. This was a win for the motorcycle community. We should take pride in our effort.

John P Dreyfus
Johnny D ALMA MC
Arizona Confederation of Motorcycle Clubs
Designated Lobbyist
American Brotherhood Aimed Toward Education
Phoenix-Shadow Mountain PAC Officer

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