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Legislative Update - October 2016

Vote like an Arizona Motorcyclist

As our temperatures here in Arizona start too cool down some, the election is heating up. I see people very passionate about whichever presidential candidate they are choosing to support. Me, being the instigator that I am, have some fun at times poking the bear with folks. I recently told a friend that there was no way I could vote for Trump because of his hair and that I was voting for Clinton. I think his eye twitched as a blood vessel was trying to burst in his head. On the flip side, I told a very liberal female friend that I refused to vote for a woman and that the only thing Hillary is good for is making a sandwich. I think she had to gargle with Listerine before kissing her kids after the language she spewed at me. I did tell both I was kidding. I am encouraged to see so many passionate about their candidate. I would like to see that passion in our local elections also.

There are so many implications of having the wrong representation at the capital. I get emails every day of proposed legislation from around the country that makes me shudder. From increasing the ethanol in our fuel to motorcycle checkpoints to handlebar height laws, it’s scary knowing what certain states are going through. I am glad we have a strong and active motorcycle presence here in Arizona. Your voice matters. We have seen over the past few years what we can get accomplished if we move towards to common goals. Things like emissions testing for motorcycles gone, HOV lane access, the right to decide to wear certain equipment or not. One election cycle can change the way you are able to enjoy the wind.

The American Motorcyclist Association (AMA) is doing a grassroots push to get people to vote like a motorcyclist. ABATE of Arizona has been saying this for years. The AMA has put out a voter’s guide as well. You can go to their website www.americanmotorcyclist. com to find it. This is from their website: “As citizens we should exercise our right to vote and weigh the candidates’ positions on issues important to us. In particular, motorcyclists should take note of where candidates stand on motorcycling issues.” So let me encourage you to vote like a motorcyclist.

Your ABATE leadership sent out a survey to all members a few months ago. Based upon the issues that are important to the membership, a survey was sent out to all the candidates to see where they stand on those four issues. Four issues! I’ll get to that in a minute. Thanks to Woody from our High Country chapter, the results are in, compiled and posted. Check it out on the ABATE of Arizona website.

When I received the email from Woody with the results from the candidates I got a little excited. I wanted to see where certain candidates stood and if they made any comments. I was wholeheartedly disappointed. Alot of incumbents did not respond. A big DNR. I felt slighted in a way. I can understand if a presidential candidate does not respond but a local state candidate? Come on people. Take a look at the list. I feel as if the candidate/incumbent just blew me off personally. Yes, I take things like that a little too personal at times and makes me mad. Maybe that’s why some people call me Grumpy. I for one am giving a DNR to those incumbents who did not respond. Do Not Reelect.

Do your research on all the candidates. Don’t listen to the pundits. Don’t listen to the ads. Vote your conscience. And vote like an Arizona motorcyclist.

See you in the wind.

Mike Infanzon
State Designated Lobbyist, ABATE of Arizona

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