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Legislative Update - March 2017

Motorcycle Day at the Dome 2017

The sound of thunder filled the State Capitol courtyard February 15th even though the sky was blue and the weather was perfect. Motorcyclists from all over the state converged on the Capitol. From Tuscon to Show Low and all over Phoenix they came in. All this to sit and have lunch with those elected officials who represent these men and women on two-wheels. The showing of legislators was better than I expected. One-third of the elected showed up. Thirty-three to be exact. Yes, thirty-three legislators took the time out of their busy schedule to sit and have lunch with us. I did get a few apologies because a few committee meetings ran late. I even received an email from Governor Ducey’s office expressing his regret for not being able to make it.

It was great to see so many faces show up and support their motorcycle rights organizations. ABATE was out in force, the Arizona Coalition of Clubs was well represented by over a dozen different clubs. Modified Motorcycle Association and the Mountain Motorcycle Association was also represented. The Motorcycle Riders Foundation (MRF) had manned our Legislator Sign-in table. The willingness to pitch in and help was great. Thank you to all the clubs and independent riders who showed such great support to this event. I know that myself and the lobbyists from the other organizations will continue to work hard for your freedoms.

Being able to sit down and have lunch with a few legislators was great. The conversations seemed to break down some walls to gain us support of our “agenda”. In fact, two representatives asked me what legislation I needed for them to support. Big win for the motorcyclists in Arizona.

I want to tell you all how proud I am of the motorcycle community who turned out in support. The professionalism and respect was plain to see and I really believe that the legislators appreciated our event tremendously.

The first week in March the House and Senate will begin hearing bills that have come over from the other side. I will keep you informed of the MSF bill and when that will be heard as soon as it is scheduled. My goal is a unanimous bipartisan pass in the House. I will need your help to get that done. Keep an eye out on my blog page and the state Facebook page for updates. You can also follow on Twitter.

It’s not all downhill yet. We still have alot of work to do and alot of mileage to ride. Jim B and I are planning to attend alot of the different meeting across the state together for updates and get the pulse of the local chapter. I have already began my goals for next session and through the next election cycle. I will ask that all chapters help us get out the vote in their respective district when the time comes.

I will be sending out a “fact sheet” in the next week or so for you to use to call your representative before the MSF bill goes to the floor. Every member will need to call/email their Representative to make sure this goes through smoothly. You will be able to get it through your chapter PAC officer. Or email me directly if you don’t have it by March 1st.

If there is something I can be of assistance to your chapter with, please let me know. I am working on a signal light issue in Tucson that Radar and Dragonfly brought to my attention. So it’s not just a state thing, we can work locally also.

Don’t forget the Ride for the Long Haul event and also Too Broke for Bike Week.

Until next time. Be good to one another.

Mike Infanzon
State Designated Lobbyist, ABATE of Arizona

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