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Motorcycle Awareness Starts at Home

Isn’t that a funny statement?

Motorcycle awareness SHOULD start at home. It doesn’t, that is for sure. It is also obvious that most families actually think that any form of education doesn’t even begin until school age. There in lies the problem. Whenever my kids friends around, they are just amazed by our bikes and ask loads of questions and I personally think that is awesome, after all they may be future riders themselves. ABATE is EDUCATION that is why we focus so hard on motorcyclist rights and regulation. Two great programs that are available are; ABATE’s Motorcycle Awareness Program (MAP) is awesome and aimed toward educating young drivers who are ready to hit the streets. Volunteer instructors take this program right to driver’s education classes. To see if your child’s school has the program, you can call the district or any MAP Instructors, see our MAP ad.

The other is new and upcoming ABATE’s Rider Advantage. This program designed to teach new riders the basics of motorcycle training which includes both a understanding of the rules of the road and safety both on and off the road. ARA Doesn’t stop with the new riders, there will be brush up classes as well. I have heard so many times, that “When I got my license there wasn’t even a course” as if that is a good thing, those are the drivers who really would benefit! The awesome part is the state of Arizona requires these classes to get your endorsement. Plus taking this course qualifies for the Motorcycle Safety Foundation, and you receive a break on your insurance.

Even with our focus on riding motorcycles, there is still an education gap. It is the ages 3-15. It is the ages when kids are most impressionable. Kids do stupid things when they see a motorcycle from fascination to rock throwing. With that being said we also need to educate them with responsibility and being responsible for their actions. That is the next targeted area. Kids’ bike night.

The letter is from Skylar, this is a little boy who at his bigger sister’s instruction throws a rock at us while we were riding through a neighborhood. Darin stopped his bike immediately and sent the boy for his parents (I admit it, I left the scene!). That little boy was in tears, when he crossed the street to his home, head hung low “Dad”….the rest resulted in a lesson on motorcycle safety.

A few days later, Darin was given this….