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MAP Reports

AZ MAP Collaborators & Stakeholders:

Motorcycle Awareness Starts at Home

Isn’t that a funny statement?

Motorcycle awareness SHOULD start at home. It doesn’t, that is for sure. It is also obvious that most families actually think that any form of education doesn’t even begin until school age. There in lies the problem. Whenever my kids friends around, they are just amazed by our bikes and ask loads of questions and I personally think that is awesome, after all they may be future riders themselves. ABATE is EDUCATION that is why we focus so hard on motorcyclist rights and regulation. Two great programs that are available are; ABATE’s Motorcycle Awareness Program (MAP) is awesome and aimed toward educating young drivers who are ready to hit the streets. Volunteer instructors take this program right to driver’s education classes. To see if your child’s school has the program, you can call the district or any MAP Instructors, see our MAP ad.

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Call for MAP Instructors

The Motorcycle Awareness Program (M.A.P.) is an educational program aimed at the target audience of high school students in driver’s education classes. There has been a small group of instructors who have volunteered to present the M.A.P. to students throughout the state. But, we need more instructors. Remember, that ABATE stands for EDUCATE.

Our purpose is to spread the word about safe motorcycling and promote a positive image of motorcyclists. What better way than to speak to the future drivers of our state. The students hopefully, will not only be better equipped car and truck drivers but will also be more aware and watch out for us.

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Being the Coordinator of Abate of Arizona’s Motorcycle Awareness Program (MAP), I’d like to share a little bit of what’s been going on. This program was started in Arizona, by ABATE of Arizona approximately 8 years ago. It had a rough start the first year or so, but finally took off running about 2003. With the potential for access to funding from the Motorcycle Safety Fund, I started a documenting process, recording all aspects of the classes presented and number of students taught, as well as teacher and students comments, for every class moving forward. I went to different areas of the state and worked with ABATE members in those areas, to educate and train prospective MAP presenters. I then approached the Arizona Motorcycle Safety Advisory Council that I was a member of and requested funds for such things as the Key Chains and informational Tri-folds we handed out to students. They did us one better, by actually making these part of what we know as ‘stock items’ today, and are available to all motorcyclists to hand out at their events

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