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Riding for the Long Haul

On March 12th, Arizona Motorcycle Safety and Awareness Foundation (AMSAF) hosted its 2nd annual "Riding for the Long Haul”. It was held at Desert Winds Harley Davidson in Mesa, AZ. This event is exactly what the name is - helping the community to ride for the long haul. In addition, this event included folks from the State, Healthcare, Motorcycle Business's, Insurance, Legal community and AMSAF. All came together with one goal-to help reduce motorcycle crashes, injuries and fatalities.

There was a lot going on that day with Stunt Rider, Mesa Police Drill Team, Band, food trucks, over $11,000.00 in raffle items and a grand prize worth over $2200.00. It was free to get into and its family orientated. Bring the family and enjoy the day. Ben and I sit on the Board of Directors with AMSAF and I can say A LOT went into this event to make it successful. We also hosted a vendor booth to promote A.B.A.T.E / Too Broke for Sturgis Event/ White Bandana Program and Accident Scene Management Courses. It was great to see so many A.B.A.T.E members come out that day FOR THE EVENT.

Fun facts to know: AMSAF has received a combined award up to $150,000 grant from the Arizona Governor’s Office of Highway Safety (AZGOHS) and the Arizona Motorcycle Safety Advisory Council (AMSAC). The grant was awarded to AMSAF to continue its Motorcycle Training Scholarship Campaign. This grant enables AMSAF to continue to offer scholarships each month. A $100 donation is required at the time of the application. All other costs for the Basic Rider Courses are paid for by AMSAF upon completion of the course. The convenience is YOU choose the school you want to go to. AMSAF is a nonprofit 501c3 with a goal of helping to reduce Motorcycle crashes, injuries and fatalities here in Arizona.

All that being said, it is imperative to tell you statistically speaking, the 2016 fatalities of motorcyclists is increasing. As much as we want everyone to see us we MUST do what we can to watch out for other motorists as well as other riders and be mindful of how we are riding. Make sure your ride is safe; Make sure your health is where it needs to be to ride. DO NOT ride impaired. Call a friend, Taxi or Uber if you are too lit to ride. Use your signals when lane changing. Increase your stopping distances and always have an out.

Until Next time Ride Safe!

Teresa “Trauma Mama” McClelland
A.B.A.T.E of Arizona State Safety Officer