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September Report

Hello I’m J.R I joined ABATE of Indiana Region 2 in 1991 and have been an active member of the Phoenix/Shadow Mountain ABATE Chapter since moving to Arizona in 1996. I have held several different positions at the chapter and state level. I was recently asked to take the state safety officer's position until the new safety officer can be elected, Thank you Jim Silk for stepping up to the plate and taking on the state treasurer's position as well as continue your work on ABATE’s motorcycle awareness program (MAP) your hard work is greatly appreciated.

Owning a motorcycle is a privilege. With this privilege comes a lot of responsibility. We all owe it to ourselves and our bike riding brethren to be smart about how we ride. Indiana had ABATE run motorcycle safety classes available to every level of rider. We are fortunate that the same applies to Arizona though several different groups, we always list them in this publication every month or just google “motorcycle rider safety courses”, they are available all over Arizona. And a few time a year AMSAF offers scholarships to help defray the cost we try to post scholarship opportunity’s on the ABATE of Arizona Facebook pages or you can check the website. Please take a course no matter how long or short of time you have been riding.

I urge each and every one of you to be a responsible, educated rider. With the melting pot of people from every corner of the world here in our state at various times of the year, it is our duty to take care of ourselves and our brothers and sisters who ride through education and safety training.

Be safe and ride responsibly. Don’t forget to drink water before you ride it’s going to be super-hot for the next few months “Hydrate or Die”.

There are 183,000 registered motorcycle in Arizona, I hope we can get some new faces to get involved, I love all our hard working volunteers but we need new blood, someone please step up and run for state safety officer.


Joel “JR” Rosen
State Safety Officer