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See it, Say it, Do it! - The 4 R’s

Greetings my Riding Brothers and Sisters,

Its been a while since Abate of Arizona put out a State PSA. This year, our wonderful State secretary Dawn Steed and I put out heads together with a collaborative effort of ideas from several members and riders of what’s important to us. Along with other safety initiatives we are seeing across the country we want to focus on our Riders

Ride Safe - Wear the proper safety gear to reduce injuries. At minimum, eye wear, long sleeves, jeans, boots and gloves. Road rash sucks. Yes we remain a free choice state on helmets and helmets like seatbelts are injury reducing devices. Always have an out and always scan the areas for riding threats.

Ride Smart - Be a lifelong learner! Take a motorcycle safety course to enhance your riding skills. Take an Accident Scene Management Course and be prepared to handle emergency situations until EMS arrives. Belong to a SMRO, encourage other riders to get involve too! After all, how else do you become aware of what bills are sitting on the legislators desks infringing on the rights of riders.

We ended up at American Legion Post 138 in Tempe with a record turnout of 75 riders! Winning the top hand for $250 with three Kings was Howard Rudd, he smiled all day after that. Second place was won by the sexy smiler herself JoAnne King with three 10's for $100, and worst hand ever went to Kelly for $50.

Ride Responsible - Know your limits! Don’t ride impaired, it decreases your reaction time and that could be crucial when riding defensively. We all have our friends who ride to the bar. Remind our riding family to call friend, a cab or UBER if they have had one too many.

Ride Endorsed - You would be surprised how many riders have learned to ride old school in the back roads and parking lots and still do not have a motorcycle license. Check out AMSAF’s scholarship programs to easily obtain your M Endorsement and ride legally in the state of Arizona.

In the next few months you will be seeing the new PSA materials distributed in local shops and dealerships. See it, say it and do it- It enhances rider accountability to do our part in keeping each other safe out on the roads.

Teresa “Trauma Mama” McClelland
A.B.A.T.E of Arizona State Safety Officer