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When Its Dark Out, Ride it Home, Safely!

“I’m scared to ride in the dark,” said Jim Hammond, an East Valley member. I told him you shouldn’t be, here’s how to ride a motorcycle at night, safely.

Once the sun goes down, it’s not just your vision that decreases, so does that of everyone around you.

Danger can be avoided!

With reduced vision, it becomes much harder to spot hazards, judge corners and plan ahead. And planning ahead is essential for safe riding.

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Safety Starts With YOU

This month’s article on safety and how it really needs to start with you. In this case it started with me.

I recently bought a brand-new HD Street Glide Special. I named him Olaf as he is Crushed White Ice Pearl. He glistens like snow in the sun light. Olaf is from the Disney Movie Frozen- so If you haven’t seen it yet… He is a goofy Snow man that loves everything hot and everything about summer.

Ok back to Safety- Despite me having 30 years on motorcycles and dirt bikes, this new bike is twice the weight and twice the power of my previous bike- A 2006 Honda Shadow 750cc. Greater than 30 % of MC accident are operator error or could have been avoided if a rider riding skill were more proficient. I’m partaking in a few different course in efforts to avoid all the crazies out there. Last Sunday I participated in a 2-hour practice skill day at Turf Paradise sponsored by the GWR. There had to be about 50 bikes of all kinds that showed up of all makes and models as well as all ages and both men and women. I was happy to see so much interest in the mc world to focus on their own riding skills. These classes take place every month the second Sunday from 8am – 10am. There are coaches on site available to answer questions and offer tips but it is really open game to 17 or so different obstacle courses. Best part is it is free and you really meet a lot of cool people with great riding skills

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Safety Report

Greeting fellow Riders!

I hope everyone is enjoying all of the articles and pictures from Motorcycle Day at the Dome! It was so great to see so many clubs come out to represent. All SMROs were present. AMSAF BODs were also there to talk Motorcycle Safety. As your State Safety Officer, a Trauma Nurse and female rider, it was an honor to represent ABATE and distribute the new ABATE PSA to riders as well as legislators. I had several discussions about motorcycle safety awareness and the need to educate and not legislate.

It was a beautiful day, not a cloud in the sky and just perfect riding weather. Riding down in rush hour traffic was a pain and I couldn’t help to notice all the road snakes on the 17. It made me think about how to avoid the many road obstacles we face on the road. Spring weather is unpredictable, so be aware of wet, slick roads. Even if the sun is shining, a spring shower might have just happened in the area in which you’re traveling. Roads are always slickest after a brief rain because dirt and oil to rise to the surface and haven’t had a chance to get washed away. Patches of melting snow and ice om the north can also make roads slick and hazardous, so keep an eye peeled, even in warmer spring weather. Standing water can also prove dangerous, so be alert for puddles that can cause you to hydroplane and lose control. Puddles can also hide potholes, which can be deep and dangerous for motorcycle riders.

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See it, Say it, Do it! - The 4 R’s

Greetings my Riding Brothers and Sisters,

Its been a while since Abate of Arizona put out a State PSA. This year, our wonderful State secretary Dawn Steed and I put out heads together with a collaborative effort of ideas from several members and riders of what’s important to us. Along with other safety initiatives we are seeing across the country we want to focus on our Riders

Ride Safe - Wear the proper safety gear to reduce injuries. At minimum, eye wear, long sleeves, jeans, boots and gloves. Road rash sucks. Yes we remain a free choice state on helmets and helmets like seatbelts are injury reducing devices. Always have an out and always scan the areas for riding threats.

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Are You Riding Legally? Are your Brothers and Sisters?

Arizona Department of Transportation (DOT) requires that you a Class M motorcycle license or endorsement to legally operate a motorcycle. Penalties for not having an M endorsement can range from fines to license suspension and even bike impoundment.

AMSAF has received grant funding for Motorcycle scholarships to obtain your M endorsement. Check out the article in this edition on the grant details that cover the bulk of the cost. A wise investment, especially if you have been riding illegally. Through the grant process, you pay $100 towards a riding school of your choice. The MSF course is 3 days. Arizona Motorcycle Riding Schools will issue students who successfully pass the written and riding evaluation, and meet all of the course completion requirements a “Motorcycle Safety Foundation Completion Card”. When you take the Completion Card into an AZMVD Driver’s License office they will typically issue you a new license with the “M” endorsement added. This Completion Card is issued only to riders who successfully complete either a Basic Riders Course or Confident Riders Course. (CRC Previously known as Intermediate). Not only do you get to receive your endorsement but you learn the essential skills on riding, breaking, maneuvering and preventing crashes. Surprisingly, some insurance companies will even issue a discount for taking an MSF course.

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