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The fact is: we still all want the same thing –a safe ride without unnecessary limitations.

And I don’t think the non-riders want to deny us those freedoms – they just aren’t aware.

So how can we strengthen our bond – and as a result, increase awareness? Here’s some ideas to Cross Those Barriers.

DO Respect all riders and their [completely different!] opinions.

We can’t get enough! when it comes to supporting opinions in our quest to educate that big wide world of NON-riders. I’m bettin’ on bigger’n’better exposure here. After all, everyone in the state of Arizona probably knows OF a ‘rider’, whether it be “that lady in Marketing who rides her Vespa to work on Thursdays”, “my sister’s nephew showing off his first sport bike”, or “my uncle who just retired and went out and bought a motorcycle out of the blue”.

Talk to them and Cross That Barrier. You’ll likely discover that the Vespa rider doesn’t want to wear a helmet either, the nephew wants a riding class to get his ‘M’ on his license, and the uncle on his cruiser didn’t know he could go to a Day at the Dome to show his solidarity and meet riding buddies at the same time. Sounds like win-win-win to me.

DO Visit other ABATE Chapter Meetings

At January’s State Officer meeting, we identified the desire for stronger communications between chapters – our 2016 State ABATE President Jim Butsback confirms that for 2016, Crossing This Barrier is a high priority.

I encourage YOU, as ABATE members, to Cross That Barrier and visit another chapter’s meeting – it’s easy to get date/time/address at the ABATE Events Calendar. If you’re looking for a ride destination, it won’t cost you more than some gas and a couple hours of your time to hear some new rumblings about helmet laws on the horizon or profiling. OR, you could just stay home and play couch potato . . . just sayin’.

TIP: Your Chapter can alert everyone of special topics or events by posting info or Agendas to the State ABATE Facebook page or the Arizona State ABATE website.

DO Recognize our Numbers. At our Shadow Mountain Chapter meeting this month, I’m told 886 thousand motorcycle riders are out there on Arizona roads and trails – yet only a small percentage belong to Arizona ABATE, quite minimal in comparison to other states. How do we Cross This Barrier? I think here, again, it’s all about expanding our communications circle – Yes, yes, exactly! Talking to people you don’t normally encounter. You’ll be surprised at what you find out AND what can be accomplished.

DO Explore Other Organizations.

So ABATE is your brotherhood of choice. I’m not saying leave ABATE, no no NO, not by any means – and let’s recognize that maybe ABATE is not your one’n’only, but here’s the good news on that. Unlike many other relationships, ABATE encourages your outside affairs because we’re all directed to the same freedoms and the same breaking down of any challengers to those freedoms. So please, Cross That Barrier – and feel free to share what you learn via email or bring it to your next chapter meeting. My guess is your local officers would appreciate any tidbit of research that helps them…to help you.

Now it’s time to CROSS THAT BARRIER (CTB)!!!

This month, I challenge you to Cross That Barrier…for real! Talk to someone outside your normal circle if you’re Mr.Conversation/Ms. Social. . . . or soak up some info on the multitude of websites (,, for example) if you prefer individual time and statistical details as your source for real info.

Share your CTB Moment and Win a Prize

And let’s raise the stakes a bit – anyone sharing their CTB moment prior to March 4, 2016, will have their email entered in a drawing for a nominal prize valued at $5-20. This is non-sponsored, a hoody-based challenge (I’m Hooody, remember). The only caveat for the winner being that I’ll need your physical address to mail you your prize -- or maybe we can meet up for our own CTB moment if you win.

Simply send me an email (hooodyhooo@ with “CTB” in the subject line, include your story with at least 1) how you think this was a CTB moment and 2) What was gained (Example: learned about profiling/gained a riding buddy/got drunk and had an energy-burnin’ fistfight). It’s all good.

Tip when Crossing Those Barriers –

Remember …a simple compliment or useful factoid can capture people’s attention, even if only briefly. Wow that bike looks GOOD on ya! Where did you get those pipes? (See what I mean?)

And you always have room for a new perspective or some new riding connections – it’s a network with unlimited potential, isn’t it? Let’s make it work… FOR ABATE and its Riders.

Ride Safe, Cross Those Barriers, and let me know how I’m doin’!

Hooody (Judy Brus)
State Communications