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Road Clean-Up June 14th, 2014

June 14, 2014

The Southern Arizona Chapter has been taking care of a one mile stretch of Highway 82 near Whetstone Arizona for years. This involves cleaning up all the waste paper and various pieces of trash along that highway three times a year. John Hanusch has been leading this effort for the past several times we have done it. Coordinating with the Highway Department and keeping track of the supplies and making sure lunch is provided for all who work.

This year’s second outing to clean our highway was scheduled for Saturday June 14th right after our monthly meeting.

We arrived at Buddy’s to find John ready and all the supplies on hand. We had seven members in attendance so we broke into groups each taking a section and the entire project only took about an hour. Since we have been cleaning the road on a regular basis, the trash hasn’t built up to the volume it was when we began doing this. After we finished and stacked the trash near the sign so the highway department could pick it up, we retired to Buddy’s to enjoy our lunch. There were only seven of us so there was a lot of food to go around. Once again thanks to John for organizing everything and thanks to those who took time out to do something good for the community!

Jim Butsback
Southern Arizona Chapter