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The Best Christmas Gift Ever

What a beautiful sight, Santa on his Harley giving Christmas wishes away, fills Andrea’s Closet with toys for a special day!

My heart filled with Christmas Spirit pulling into the Walmart parking lot last Sunday. A special part of the parking lot cordoned off for just us!

There they were hundreds of steel horses, all there for the same reason to bring toys for the kids. The motorcycle community is so generous to so many different charities. It is incredible to have so many clubs’, MRO’s and independent riders put all grievances aside for a day.

Can unity really happen, if even for another day? The Freedom Rally is just around the corner, what a voice we would have if all those who showed up for the run would show up at the Freedom Rally? Our rights are at stake! Don’t just sit around a bitch about the laws, get up off your ass and do something about it. The truth is known it doesn’t matter who you are, if you have a motorcycle you are included in the creating and killing of laws. No changes can be made alone; it takes a community to support our Freedom Rally!

The planning of the Freedom Rally is well under way. This year there will be meeting spots throughout the valley. Put the date on the calendar February 20, 2013 TOGDAY; tell your boss…hell if he rides bring him with you. If you are the boss, give yourself the day off, we need your presence. Word of mouth is the best and quickest form of advertising (both good and bad). So tell your friends, tell other riders you meet, just get the word out!!

Unity would be the best Christmas gift ever!

Casey Yates
ABATE of Arizona
State Secretary