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Too Broke for Sturgis 2014 Game Winners

This year’s TBFS was a great event with a good riding weather, temps just right. I am relieved the date change worked so well. We arrived early this year with the big truck; a lot of the set up was done by Wednesday afternoon, in prep for Thursday. With vendors were rolling in and riders signing in, Thursday was quite a busy day. Setting up merchandise, registration, first aid and the safety booth was a lot of work.

After looking at the people games sign in sheets, I knew we were in for a good time Friday afternoon. The winners for this year:

  • Helmet Toss – Patty Peyree and Jack Eddings
  • Pole-in-the-Hole – Kim Davies and Lynn Betran
  • Plank Walk – Denise Smith, Kevin Wilks, Dee Devore, Kelly Lunt
  • Tug-o-War – Sons of Hell MC: Marc Orta, Michael Myers, Donny Asa, Marc Orta, Sr. [After five consecutive years winning this event, they were awarded the rope to hang in the Clubhouse.]
  • Women’s Tug-o-War – Bitches of San Tan: Sheri, Tony, and “the Rest of ‘Dem Bitches”

Saturday’s Bike Games were a real blast! We had quite a turnout. The winners are:

  • Slow Race – Daniel Tumey
  • Drag Race – Steve Davis
  • Road Kill – Jack and June Eddings
  • Weenie Bits – Brad and Patty

We have two trophies at the State Office that were not claimed, Women’s Most Realistic Tattoo – Nichole?; and the British Stock class. They can be picked up during the Phoenix Shadow Mountain Chapter meeting on the Second Sunday 10:30 – 12:00 at the American Italian Club, 7509 N. 12th Street.

I want to thank all the riders who came out to play. This event is all about having fun with our machines (and each other). I also want thank our Game Team members this year: Jean, Ed, Don, Lisa, Wade, Kate, Rich and Sweetpea. And I would like to thank Paul H. for emceeing the event. He did a really great job!

Ride Fast and Take Chances!