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53rd Legislature Scorecard

ABATE of Arizona has tracked legislation that will
impact Arizona motorcyclists for over 25 years.

This year’s Arizona Legislative Scorecard is the first time we have rated the elected officials at the state capital in regards to legislation. This scorecard is in no way endorsing any legislator. It is only to be used as a tool when contacting your elected representatives and during election season.

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Safety Report

Greeting fellow Riders!

I hope everyone is enjoying all of the articles and pictures from Motorcycle Day at the Dome! It was so great to see so many clubs come out to represent. All SMROs were present. AMSAF BODs were also there to talk Motorcycle Safety. As your State Safety Officer, a Trauma Nurse and female rider, it was an honor to represent ABATE and distribute the new ABATE PSA to riders as well as legislators. I had several discussions about motorcycle safety awareness and the need to educate and not legislate.

It was a beautiful day, not a cloud in the sky and just perfect riding weather. Riding down in rush hour traffic was a pain and I couldn’t help to notice all the road snakes on the 17. It made me think about how to avoid the many road obstacles we face on the road. Spring weather is unpredictable, so be aware of wet, slick roads. Even if the sun is shining, a spring shower might have just happened in the area in which you’re traveling. Roads are always slickest after a brief rain because dirt and oil to rise to the surface and haven’t had a chance to get washed away. Patches of melting snow and ice om the north can also make roads slick and hazardous, so keep an eye peeled, even in warmer spring weather. Standing water can also prove dangerous, so be alert for puddles that can cause you to hydroplane and lose control. Puddles can also hide potholes, which can be deep and dangerous for motorcycle riders.

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See it, Say it, Do it! - The 4 R’s

Greetings my Riding Brothers and Sisters,

Its been a while since Abate of Arizona put out a State PSA. This year, our wonderful State secretary Dawn Steed and I put out heads together with a collaborative effort of ideas from several members and riders of what’s important to us. Along with other safety initiatives we are seeing across the country we want to focus on our Riders

Ride Safe - Wear the proper safety gear to reduce injuries. At minimum, eye wear, long sleeves, jeans, boots and gloves. Road rash sucks. Yes we remain a free choice state on helmets and helmets like seatbelts are injury reducing devices. Always have an out and always scan the areas for riding threats.

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East Valley Chapter Honors Jack Batty

Jack Batty... even just seeing or hearing his name brings a smile to most everyone who knows him. Jack has decided to take a break from being an officer and board representative.

Compared to many of our members I am still a wet behind the ears newbie. Being said newbie and curious I asked Jack what positions he had held so far during his ABATE adventure. At the chapter level it might be easier to just say what he hasn’t been. Here is the list he gave me: Jack has held the positions of Chapter Coordinator, Vice Coordinator, Secretary, Runs/Events Coordinator, Communications, Merchandise, Masterlink distribution, and last but not least East Valley Chapter Board of Directors representative.

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